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When our vision becomes crystal clear for the results we desire it becomes a matter of ironclad preparation, innovative thinking, and elegant execution.  Success in building a business, becoming a top sales performer, or achieving your wildest dreams demands grit.

For me, the common success denominator with battling brain cancer after college, becoming an Ironman Triathlete, publishing a book, or developing a portfolio among the biggest names in professional sports and corporate sponsorship, was through unwaivering dedication, strategic planning, innovation, and the power of my network.

These days, we must find a way to differentiate, persevere, and create value if we are to gain a competitive advantage.  

Ready to step up your game?  Let's Go!


(Keynote or Breakout Session)

With over 12 years experience of selling in the sports and corporate sponsorship industries, Danny has built several prestigious and sustaining relationships with 10 principles of success.  The New York Yankees, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Blackhawks, Southeastern Conference, Arkansas Razorbacks, Texas Longhorns, Nevada Wolf Pack, MillerCoors, Nike, and Red Bull are a few properties on his short list. When you understand the principles of selling, you will have a fundamental advantage over the competition.

Blog curation of the 10 principles:


"You're an excellent speaker and you gave me a lot to think about. I'm going to overhaul my business plan and sales activities with your 10 principles to sales success. Also a special thanks for your book!"

Mike Dostal, Sierra Nevada Properties


"Of all 5 breakouts I attended, I got the most out of yours.  You were concise and to the point.  Your content was applicable with good real-life examples from your personal experience.  Well done!"

Max Lebovitz,



"Thanks for all your contributions to the US Sports Congress in Reno.  Based on our surveys and responses, the attendees gave your session and the Congress overall very high marks.  In our opinion, this is due to the quality of our presenters and their aptitude to connect with their audience."

Lou Mengsol - President, US Sports Congress


(Training - Groups and Individuals)

No matter what industry you work in, your ability to forge confidence and memorability will have a direct correlation with the amount of sales you generate.  Sales success is achieved through consistent effort, structure, relentless execution, fortitude, and a value proposition to differentiate from the competition.  

Could your team benefit from an action plan that yields 25% to 50%+ growth?  Does your team need help in overcoming sales objections or getting unstuck?  Do you wish to widen your referral pipeline?  Is your team ready to take their game to the next level?

If the answer to any of these question is yes, then I'd love an opportunity to share my knowledge and proven methods of how I was able to break through barriers to work with the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and corporate sponsorship.  Sample learning objectives:

  • Develop a personal brand that's memorable and undeniable.  
  • Lead generation through referrals.  
  • Streamline your efforts through effective time management.
  • Leverage social media to develop credibility and brand equity.
  • Communication strategies to keep your prospects engaged.
  • Get your story straight.  Plan, write and publish your book in 3 months.  Position yourself as the expert.


"Danny is a reliable coach, sincerely interested in a variety of people and skill sets. He does not push advice on anyone, but is there to give it upon request. Danny is diligent about providing training opportunity and knows hard work gets results. He leads through example."

Stephen Oaks - President, Pacific Management Partners





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