Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Danny Heinsohn was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor the day after he graduated college in May of 1999.  The tumor that originated in his brain was the size of a racquetball with a median survival rate of 5 years.  He was only 23 years old with plans to backpack across Europe, and move to Colorado or Arizona to begin a career as an Electrical Engineer.  Instead, Danny endured three craniotomies followed by 12 months of chemotherapy, and several years of seizure complications, cognitive therapy and social reintegration.

Your biggest setback could be your greatest opportunity.

While Danny grew up playing team sports such as baseball, volleyball, tennis, and basketball, endurance sports became his calling after his cancer ordeal.   Heinsohn is an accomplished endurance athlete with multiple marathon finishes, cycling coach experience, and finisher of numerous triathlons.  Throughout his efforts over $125,000 was raised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society between 2002 and 2008.  

In 2010, Danny went big to celebrate his 10th year of remission from brain cancer.  His friends, family, and medical team were his heroes during his trying times.  So to celebrate his 10th year of brain cancer remission, Danny registered to compete in Ironman Canada for August of 2010, and started a scholarship fund for young adult cancer survivors called My Hometown Heroes.  The fundraising goal of $10,000 was attained upon finishing, symbolic of the decade milestone.

Since 2011, My Hometown Heroes has awarded 57 scholarships to college bound cancer survivors from across the United States.


Left to right:  Chemo 2000, Ironman 2010

2014 was another breakthrough year for Heinsohn.  After his book, For A Reason, was released Danny was quickly recognized on a national level for his accomplishments.  At the National Sports Forum, the industry's largest cross gathering of sports business professionals, Heinsohn became the inaugural recipient of the OM Foundation Award.  The award celebrates someone in the sports industry who has overcome obstacles to find success and in this case, make a difference in the lives of others. 

Left to right:  Ron Seaver (President, National Sports Forum), Danny, Bonner Paddock (Founder, OM Foundation), JJ Gotsch (President, Corpus Christi Hooks)  click here for press release

Shortly following the OM Foundation Award, Danny was invited to speak at the Baltimore Ravens Partner Summit, TEDxReno and in November he was honored again with the 2014 Sports Travel Humanitarian Award at the TEAMS conference in Las Vegas.

Left to right:  Meb Keflezighi (Winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon), Tim Schneider (President, Schneider Publishing/TEAMS Conference), Lisa Furfine (Brand Builder/Sports Business Professional)  click here for press release

Something happens when we're forced to confront and overcome difficult times.  It's called resilience.   In his professional career resilience has enabled Danny to make breakthroughs in the sports industry and work with some of the most prestigious and high profile brands in the country.   The New York Yankees, Boston Bruins, Baltimore Ravens, GoPro, Red Bull, Nike, Minnesota Vikings, Texas A&M Aggies, The Southeastern Conference, San Francisco Giants, Daytona 500, Chicago Blackhawks and the Nevada Wolf Pack are a few clients on his shortlist.  

Thanks to his success in sports and corporate sponsorship Heinsohn has been able to sustain a lifestyle that cancer tried to deny him of.  When he's not working with the biggest names in sports or training for Ironman triathlons, Danny consumes his time with travel and photography.  A few of his favorite destinations include Alaska, Galapagos Islands, New York, Zion National Park, Yellowstone, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Peru, Southern Utah, and the Oregon Coast.  


Left to right:  Fly fishing along Kenai River (Alaska), Zipline in Costa Rica, Giant Tortoise (Galapagos Islands)


"In business and in life we are surrounded by opportunities.  In fact, your biggest setback could be your greatest opportunity".


A brain cancer survivor turned Ironman Triathlete, High-Performance Sales Executive, Author, and Entrepreneur, motivational speaker Danny Heinsohn will inspire you.  Discover resilience within your life, business and your community.

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